The Curriculum

COVID 19 – During the pandemic and subsequent school closures Castle Court are providing an extensive virtual curriculum across the school, tailored appropriately to the various year groups.  If you are a prospective parent and would like to know more, please contact our Admissions Registrar, Jane Robson ( 01202 694438.  If you are a current parent you will be able to find out about your child (ren)’s online provision through your Edulink login 

At Castle Court we believe we have an essential role to play in preparing children not only for the next stage of their educational journey, but more importantly for the future world in which they will live and work. We seek to empower our children to be inquisitive, independent thinkers, to have a passion for learning and the resilience to overcome the challenges that will come their way. We have always aimed to base our curriculum on the best of the traditional approaches, whilst also incorporating the latest educational thinking and research. We are committed to achieving high academic standards through an inspiring, knowledge-rich curriculum which also develops essential skills. We do not believe that the curriculum should be seen as a list of topics to be covered and ‘ticked off’ or learnt simply to pass an exam. Instead, it should be seen as knowledge for life-long learning. We give pupils the time they need to go deeper into their learning and encourage them to be articulate, creative and inquisitive learners who are able to fulfil their unique talents and potential. 

The Castle Court Pathway consists of four stages which are linked. Children learn in a happy, stimulating learning environment where they are known as individuals and their unique contributions are recognised and celebrated.