Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

The Pre-Senior Baccalaureate Programme enables Castle Court to build upon our strong foundation and heritage of outdoor pursuits and outdoor learning. The proximity of the Jurassic Coast and the Dorset AONB is of huge benefit to us as a school.


It is evident to see that many of the attributes of the PSB - both in the curriculum we offer and character education which we wish to develop in our pupils – is ideally suited to be delivered in the outdoors. Evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that by utilising outdoors learning we can:

Furthermore, at Castle Court we have even greater scope to nurture and promote the ethical, intellectual, social and emotional development of individuals. It is a continuous learning process that enables young people and adults to become moral, caring, critical, responsible individuals. Outdoor education remains at the heart of this process.

Outdoor experiences and challenges allow our pupils to develop:

All of which flow from the central values of the PSB. All pupils at Castle Court enjoy learning in the outdoors as part of their regular curriculum provision, after school activities, longer residential outdoor education weeks and weekend challenges.  In the summer of 2024, as part of the 75th Anniversary legacy progamme a new sustainable Outdoor Learning Classroom is being built at the edge of the school woods. This is part of an ongoing programe to ensure that outdoor learning is at the heart of the ethos and education we provide.

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