Welcome from the Head

Welcome from the Head

I hope that everyone who walks through the door of the main house at Castle Court immediately has a sense of family and community.

Whether it is in the classrooms where the pupils are able to engage in both project and inquiry-based learning, our rich arts programme, our extensive natural outdoor spaces or our small classes, our focus is on knowing, supporting and inspiring each child.

Nurturing intellectually curious students with a deep capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving requires a strong relationship between all areas of life at Castle Court and each child; this is what lies at the heart of the Castle Court experience.  Our pastoral and tutor team are committed to caring and honouring your child’s unique gifts and talents, each and every day.

Confident in their abilities and with a strong sense of self, Castellans are given opportunities to develop connections with the broader world around them.  They are given the tools to move successfully onto their senior schools and beyond, and to be positive and proactive world citizens.

Forward thinking academic approaches, abundant creative and performing arts options on top of a varied sports programme provide your children with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, compassion and resilience through the 7Cs, which are the key skills that are developed in every Castellan : collaboration, courage, creativity, compassion, commitment, curiosity and courteousness.

I hope that you enjoy exploring our website.  I also encourage you to visit us in person.  You will hear the joy and laughter that fills the campus and discover that the individual academic and social attention your child will receive is one of the things that makes Castle Court so special.

Kate Johnson






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