The teaching of Maths at Castle Court aims to promote a deep understanding and an enjoyment of this core subject. From Badgers to Year 1, Maths is taught in form groups whilst pupils from Years 2 to 8 are taught in set classes. Sets are chosen so pupils can work at a pace that is suitable to their ability, progress being monitored continually so that pupils can change sets when appropriate.

Castle Court uses a range of IT apps, resources and investigations to complement traditional teaching methods – this keeps pupils interested, engaged and challenged and ensures that the subject remains alive and relevant. The curriculum itself is based on two progressive Maths schemes.

Lots of practical activities are planned as part of the Maths strategy to develop a wider understanding of the topic, as well as providing enjoyment in the lesson. Pupils also learn how Maths has a practical application outside  the classroom.

Following on from Key Stage 2, where a high percentage of pupils have reached Level 5, the Maths department prepare pupils for entrance exams for grammar schools or the Common Entrance exam to independent schools. In recent years, there has been a healthy number of pupils gaining academic scholarships, which include Maths. By the time pupils leave Castle Court they will have developed a confidence with maths, are numerate, and have a sound understanding of the topics and concepts covered at this level.

Many pupils now have the chance to enter the UKMT Individual Maths Challenges and their success has been impressive.