Lunch Menu

Main CourseVegetarianDessert
Monday 18/11/2019 Chilli con Carni,Broccoli, Jacket Potatoes & Grated Cheese Egg & Cheese Salad or Stilton & Spinach Quiche Jam Sponge & Custard
Tuesday 19/11/2019 Beef & Vegetable Hotpot, Baton Carrots Vegetable& Quorn Hotpot Chocolate Mousse
Wednesday 20/11/2019 Tuna Pasta in Tomato & Basil Sauce, Peas, Garlic Bread Tomato,Pasta with Mushrooms,Courgette & Cheese Jelly & Ice Cream.
Thursday 21/11/2019 Roast Beef,Yorkshire Pudding,Cabbage,Roast Potatoes,Parsnips Vegetable & Croquettes Rice Krispie Square & Choc Sauce.
Monday 25/11/2019 Baked Gammon,Cauliflower Cheese,Jacket Potatoes Cheese & Vegetable Pasty Jelly & Ice Cream.
Tuesday 26/11/2019 Steak & Vegetable Pie,Green Beans,Croquette potatoes Vegetable Sausage. Peaches & Chocolate Sauce
Wednesday 27/11/2019 Spaghetti Bolognaise,Peas,Granary Bread. Quorn Bolonaise Fresh Fruit Platter
Thursday 28/11/2019 Roast Chicken,Pigs in Blankets,Carrots,Roast Potatoes,Parsnips Quorn Fillets,Cauliflower Cheese Treacle Tart & Custard.
Monday 02/12/2019 Beef & Vegetable Hotpot, Baton Carrots Quorn & Vegetable Hotpot. Chocolate Sponge & Sauce
Tuesday 03/12/2019 Ham & Pineapple Pizza,Salad,Saute Potatoes Vegetable Chilli Pears & Evaporated Milk
Wednesday 04/12/2019 Macaroni Cheese,Peas & Jacket Potatoes Macaroni Cheese. yoghurt & Shortbreads.
Thursday 05/12/2019 Roast Beef,Yorkshire Pudding,Cabbage,Roast Potatoes,Parsnips Stuffed Red Peppers with Cous Cous Apple Crunch & Custard
Monday 09/12/2019 Sweet & Sour Chicken, Stir Fry Vegetables, Noodles. QuornSweet & Sour Stir Fry Vegetables Treacle Sponge & Custard.
Tuesday 10/12/2019 Pork & Apple Sausage, Baked Beans, New Potatoes Vegetable Sausage Strawberry Mousse
Wednesday 11/12/2019 Ham Salad, Coleslaw,Chipped Potatoes. Cheese & Tomato Quiche or Egg & Cheese Fresh Fruit Platter
Thursday 12/12/2019 Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings Quorn Roast & Stuffing Christmas Pudding or Vienetta