Life at Castle Court


We aim for life at Castle Court to be fun and packed full of activity.

Breakfast club starts at 7.45am and is open to all children from Badger Cubs to Year 8. There are also pre-school sports clubs four mornings a week in badminton, swimming (held at Canford) and tennis.

The bell for the start of the school day goes at 8.25am.  Children can be dropped at their classrooms from 8.15am.  Parents of children particularly in Badger Cubs, Badgers and Reception are able to stay to help settle their children into the day, and see all that their children achieved in the day before.

Breaktime varies across the year groups, but the first break starts at 10.00am, and the last at 10.35am.  Breaktime gives the children a chance to have a snack and a drink.  The younger ones have this in their classrooms; the older ones either have theirs outside or in the dining rooms, depending on the weather.  Hot chocolate and a home made muffin, flapjack or biscuit in the winter, and the same snack with some juice in the warmer months, are available. Fresh fruit is also available at each snack time/meal.

Lunch is in two sittings, starting at 12.00pm for the younger children and through to the final sitting at 1.00pm for the older children.  We treat lunchtime as a family time, with children and staff sitting down together having a meal.

The afternoon finishes from 3.30pm for those in Badgers and Reception, 3.45pm for the Pre-Preps, and the Prep School main day finishes at 4.15pm.

There is after school care (for children from Badger Cubs to Year 2), and the children in Year 3 to Year 8 can stay at school to take in part in a variety of activities, from Ancient Greek to Pottery, Cross Country Running to Chess, and Mindcraft to Horse Riding, plus a prep session is run every school night.  The late buses leave at 5.45pm.

Vegetarian and other special diets are catered for and our Head Chef and School Matron are available to discuss with parents any particular dietary requirements and/or allergy worries.

Sample Lunch Menu