Life as a Pupil

We aim for life at Castle Court to be fun and packed full of activity.  Children can be dropped off from 8.15am with a start time of 8.30am, or we have a breakfast club which starts at 7.45am.

Children have lessons until breaktime, when they have the choice of hot chocolate, milk, water or squash and homemade flapjack or muffins. Lessons continue until lunchtime, when we have a ‘family service’ with staff serving and sitting with children, which we feel sets the tone for our family-centred ethos, rather than a fast-moving cafeteria. Lunchtime is a social time and much more than just a time to eat.

During lunchtime breaks there are activities, and the older children are allowed to access the supervised woods and play areas; it is so nice to see them making camps and climbing the trees. The younger children are taken into the woods and adventure play areas by the staff as part of the Forest School activities, as well as at playtimes. For children aged seven and above, each afternoon consists of academic and games lessons.  For those younger, there is some form of physical activity each day, with the emphasis on the main team sports.

The day ends at 3.30pm for badger Cubs, Badgers and Reception ( ages 2 – 5)  and 3.45pm for Years 1 and 2, although many will stay on until 4.15pm for activities.  For Year 3 (age 7) and above the day ends at 4.15pm, although many do stay on for the after-school activities following their afternoon tea.  Activities run until 5.45pm and change each term (everything from pottery and computer controlled lego to sport and geocaching).

There are buses for those who require them, in the morning and two departure times in the evening (4.15pm and 5.45pm).

We see ourselves as providing a strong academic environment to stretch those who are capable and support those who need it, whist having fun and providing opportunities. Our desire is to help you raise confident, self-assured, independently inquisitive and fun-loving children, who are ready for life in a fast-changing world.