Information and Communication Technology is a natural cog within a Castle Court education.  In the fast changing world, information technology pervades every area of life.  At CCS we aim to give children the greatest opportunity to become familiar with every aspect of its use in a safe environment.  We provide opportunities to explore and investigate the use of ICT using a broad range of software applications and to develop skills which are transferable.  Ultimately we strive to give each and every child the flexibility, confidence and curiosity to develop their ICT capability and the ability to be discriminatory in its use.  Equally and importantly, we endeavour to nurture e-responsibility and e-safety as individual social capability advances.

ICT is taught throughout the school, and is also used as an integral part of many subject areas to enhance teaching and the pupils’ learning.  The whole school campus is networked, with fast internet access and two ICT suites. These facilities are available at break and lunch times for work or creative play; various clubs also take place, for example the popular Lego and Robotics club. There are also plans to implement a school wide wireless environment to embrace emerging mobile technologies into the classroom.  All classrooms at present are equipped with at least one PC and interactive whiteboard and projector; the younger years have greater IT capability with up to five PCs per classroom.  The school has a good range of curriculum software and resources which can be accessed from home via the school’s Learning Platform.