How can we understand our present or glimpse our future if we cannot understand our past?

History gives us a chance to piece together the jigsaw of human development and see the big picture of who we are and where we are going.  And it’s an exciting subject to study as we begin to put that picture together.  Our Year 3 pupils become Vikings for a day, and Year 4 become Victorians.  Year 5 visit the D-day landing beaches and Year 6 a Tudor mansion.  Year 7 clamber around castles and Year 8 climb Salisbury Cathedral and also explore Nelson’s flagship.

Our History course is centred on British history, but also touches on world history themes, including ancient Egypt, Tudor-era exploration, and the British Empire.  We can learn from a huge range of sources and evidence, ranging from a 1930s memorabilia collection, to online audio and video files, facsimiles of the Magna Carta (also viewing one of the original copies in Salisbury), to a study of the political bias of 20th century newspaper cartoons.  Learning methods range from interpreting databases to roleplays to online discussions (safely within our Learning Platform).  Children gradually develop the skills of interrogating evidence and communicating their findings orally and in writing. By the time they reach Year 8 they are writing structured analytical essays and are ready for our two main goals: high performance in entrance and scholarship exams; and  moving on with a love of History and a vision of the big picture of human development.