What sits in a corner and moves around the World?

Answer: …. and it’s not the young and energetic Head of Geography, but a stamp!

At the end of every geography lesson, the pupils stay at their desks not wanting to move on to their next lesson. “Do we have to go?” they cry with one voice!

Geography is a living subject. On the front page of any newspaper, geography is usually referred to at least 30 times – what, why, where, when and who?

The main strands of geography at Castle Court are

This is locating where places are in the world. We use lots of maps, atlases and globes. The children have now brought in over 150 flags from the places they have visited.


We cover a wide range of topics including:

Rivers and coasts: We have the mighty River Stour on our doorstep and the world-renowned Jurassic Coastline is only a few miles away – Lulworth Cove, Stair Hole and Durdle Door within twenty minutes.

Weather and Climate:  One of the highlights of the year is our fieldwork enquiry on Microclimates. Do they exist at Castle Court? All our year 8 pupils will tell you their findings.

Earthquakes and volcanoes: We have a few minor eruptions in the classroom now and again but really we are dependent on our wide range of videos and DVDs and the newspaper!

Economic activities: We look at different industries in MEDCs and LEDCs, but the favourite by far is cocoa farming in Ghana, when all the children bring in their favourite bar of chocolate.

Environmental issues: This ever-important topic figures prominently in our lessons – one of the years looks at the topic under the heading“Our environment – handle with care”.