We aim to ensure that English lessons at Castle Court lead to a lifetime of confidence, competence and enjoyment in both reading and writing for your child. From Badgers to Year 2 Literacy is taught in form groups, while pupils from Years 3 to 8 are taught in sets so that they can work at a pace that is suited to their ability. Most children have a mix of different strengths in different areas, so sets are usually overlapping in ability and the choice of set can be as much an indication of learning style as ability.

We use a varied combination of creative writing, comprehension, spelling and language activities, as well as performance skills, to build secure foundations in literacy.  We aim for a balance of topics from the Pearson Literacy scheme that will keep pupils motivated and challenged, while allowing plenty of individual scope for teacher creativity, and ensuring a secure grounding for Grammar School entrance by Year 6 and 7.

By Years 7 and 8 the English syllabus is more focused on Common Entrance or Scholarship, but without losing the essential ingredients of creativity and a love of reading and drama.