Dorset Prep school update – life in a prep school

Life in a Dorset prep school continues apace.  Christmas  might feel a long way away now that January has found it’s feet, but life in a prep school never stands still.

The school is approaching the end of the second week of term, and the rhythm of life is now well and truly settled.  Matches have been played, school trips organised and lunches cooked and eaten!  A school like an army always marches on it’s stomach.

And also, helpfully, the promised cold weather has not reached us yet.  There are heavy frosts, but so far no snow to make the lanes around school unusable. The children  are still wishing for a few “white days” of fun! “Build a snowman today!” is their cry.

Pre School Activity Programme:

The Badger Cubs Club programme has begun.  This programme is for children who are younger than two.  Currently too young  to join our Dorset prep school.  The programme started with the “Peppa Pig” music time. A new activity for this term.   The children had a great morning! In addition, the other activities on offer include a music morning and also a craft time. There, please  phone the school reception on 01202 694438 if you would like to know more.

Keep in touch with a Dorset prep school:

In conclusion, this page is updated regularly.   The up-to date information about the school is on the “news” page of this website.  To keep up-to date with all the news from the school therefore, become a friend of the prep school on these social media sites:  Instagram and Facebook.

Finally, The Good Schools Guide is a highly regarded source of information on all prep schools.  The editor visited this prep school at the end of 2016.   Castle Court is an A*  Dorset prep school.  This is the highest grading. This is the place to go for independent information.  The link is below.

Good Schools Guide


Dorset Prep School
Castle Court School. A leading Dorset Prep School



Christmas is coming …….

We are so looking forward to the final two weeks of term and the build up to Christmas.  The children in the younger years have been rehearsing their plays, the choirs can now sing carols with amazing harmonies, the main school Christmas tree has arrived, parties have been planned and the crackers have been delivered for Christmas lunch!  On top of this the frosty mornings have given us some great opportunities to see the school playing fields in all their crispy glory.  Only 22 days left until the big day!



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New sports hall building begins …..

The site for our new sports hall is beginning to be cleared.  The builders are arriving and we are very excited that the project will be completed by Easter 2017.  This development is on top of the new sports fields and netball/tennis courts that were built over the summer break.  Our whole site is looking better than ever.  If you would like to come and visit us and have a look around the school please call our admissions team on 01202 694438.



Start of the Autumn Term

This morning we were able to welcome over 350 children back to school.  It was lovely to see so many familiar faces, as well as so many new families!  This term as ever will be packed with learning, activities, plays, bonfire parties and Christmas.  We look forward to it all!  Regular updates can be found on Moodle (for our current parents) or Facebook, Instagram or You Tube for prospective parents.  Any questions or queries please call our Admissions team on 01202 694438.


Castle Court: Where Legacies are Forged and Friendships are Founded

The start of the summer holidays has made us think about all the children have done over the last term, and what it means to be part of the Castle Court family.  We hope that this film, of Castle Court now and then helps you to understand why we think Castle Court is such a special school, and what our Year 8s have taken from their time here.

Watch the film : Castle Court: Where Legacies are Forged and Friendships are Founded




As the end of term approaches ….

Life at Castle Court gets busier and busier.  Well done to our Common Entrance candidates who have now all won places to their schools of choice.  All children from Year 3 to Year 8 are now enjoying activity week, and then next week we have the two big end of term sporting occasions, Sports Day and the Swimming Gala.  The term finishes with Speech Day on Wednesday 6th July where this year we will be joined by our guest speaker, Fraser Doherty. But although this sounds like a very busy life, there is so much more.  Please do visit our Facebook  or Instagram for more information.


Sport for all

Sport is not just for the “A” team.  Sport is for all; for life.  Our children do have access to all the main team sports you would expect in a prep school, netball, hockey, rounders, football, rugby and cricket, but also more minor sports: golf, skiing, sailing,  swimming, horse riding. biathle and tennis.  Not everyone is a team sports player, but everyone can play sport; and enjoy sport.  You just need to find the right activity for you.  Click here to see more detail on our Facebook page. Or see below a picture of brothers Amir and Reza who won their novice races at a recent school’s ski competition.