The Castle Court Art Department is a busy and exciting space, where children can explore their creativity and develop their art skills and understanding through a range of activities, both in class lessons and in the many art clubs that are available to them.

The Art Curriculum strives to be stimulating, imaginative and varied.  In the course of their learning, children will experience drawing at different scales and using a range of different media, painting, pattern and paper-cut design techniques, block and screen-printing, 3D sculpting in many forms, pottery, photography and animation, collage and mosaic work.  They will learn about artists and crafts people from Ancient Times right up to the present; from European traditions and from the wider world.  The curriculum incorporates progression, building skills and knowledge as the children grow.  Pupils will work as individuals and collaboratively, producing work that explores and develops their ideas, whilst becoming more proficient in their handling of materials.

Having first-hand experience of artists and their artwork is important and, with this in mind, the art department continue to arrange art trips to galleries and museums and to invite artists to present their work and run workshops for the children.

The art department supports students who are particularly motivated and gifted in art, and who wish to apply for Art scholarships at their senior schools. These students can access the art room during all break times and they have a regular activity time, when they are guided and taught by their teacher.

At its core, the art department endeavours to be a creative space available to all pupils, where children can express their ideas visually, develop a love of learning and enjoy making art.