Religious Studies

At Castle Court we consider Religious Studies to be a key part of each child’s education.  We try to gradually go deeper into the issues relating to religious belief and ethics in a way that is applicable to the age, stage and personal beliefs of the pupils in our care. Of course, we are also keen to stretch pupils and encourage them to look further down the track to help them tackle some of the harder questions.

We encourage pupils to learn through questioning, through listening to each other’s views and through being prepared to be challenged by what each member of the class has to say.  A crucial part of this process is developing the skills needed to empathise with the often diverse views of others and to be able to thrive in a multi-cultural environment.

As you would expect from any prep school, work in the early years is based upon developing a solid foundation of the key teachings of the Christian faith and the characters and stories contained in both the Old and the New Testaments.  These help to set the scene for the work higher up the school which is principally aimed at securing Common Entrance and Scholarship success.  Alongside this work other major world religions are studied and used as comparison studies.

As a Christian school, we feel that it is essential for our pupils to understand the main religion which has shaped our nation and much of our culture.  We believe that our Christian faith should be a living faith and so a key part of our studies is to look at how Christians have applied their faith to some of the big issues of our time.  By studying contemporary issues such as crime and punishment, just war theory, euthanasia, human rights, martyrdom and human nature, we hope to provide our pupils with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in modern Britain.