Pre-Prep : developing curiosity

The Castle Court Pathway begins in Pre-Prep. In Badger Cubs, Badgers and Reception classes, our Pre-Prep team ensure that they recognise and celebrate each child’s unique personality and learning journey. All children are encouraged and helped to form positive relationships with each other and with the adults who care for them in school. Parents are involved and welcomed into classrooms to share in the wonder of their child’s learning. The environments in which the children learn are exciting and stimulating, enabling learning, both outside in our glorious grounds and inside the classrooms, where there are excellent resources, up-to-the- minute IT provision and comfortable areas where the children can relax and be themselves. 

“A genuine sense of wonderment permeates throughout the whole school.” — Extract from ISI Inspection Report.

A recognition of the importance of the individual, positive relationships and an inspiring setting that makes the most of the school’s 60-acre site, enables excellent learning and development opportunities. 

These principles foster the characteristics of effective early learning, which are:

  • Playing and exploring 
  • Active learning 
  • Creating and thinking critically 

As the children move from the Early Years to Year 1 and 2, the importance of these principles continues to be central to life in the Pre-Prep. Each child is nurtured and follows their unique learning journey in these years. The children benefit from a very broad curriculum, where Forest School, drama, dance, sport and music skills are celebrated alongside mathematics and literacy. The Castle Court 7Cs underpin all the opportunities and experiences, and these values are recognised as being just as important as the academic subjects. There is nothing more amazing than a child’s capacity to learn: to see the world through the eyes of a child is to see a world of awe and wonder, of endless questions and possibilities. We nurture children’s innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge by giving them the time and space to explore, question and learn to collaborate with others, both in their classrooms and in the specialist facilities (ICT suites, Performing Arts Centre with its drama/dance studio and performance hall, plus the sports hall and astro) and across the school’s 60 acres of grounds. Our child-centred approach ensures that each child receives the attention and support they need to grow in confidence, develop academically and flourish as individuals.