Ethos and Aims

At Castle Court we have a passion for excellence in everything that we do.  We are fortunate with our facilities and our surroundings, which are beautiful (60 acres of land and woodland).  However, it is committed and talented staff  who can inspire that is of most importance to us.  The relationship between pupils and staff and the ability of staff to draw out the best from the children is fundamental. Our desire is to raise self-esteem, whilst providing a broad and academic stimulus with opportunities for the children to excel, in and outside the classroom. There is so much that we do to ensure that the children are happy, “if they are not happy they will not learn”, and our pastoral system is tailored to keep the communication between children and their tutors and home the very best it can be.  Children grow up too quickly and we want those at Castle Court to have a real childhood.

After over 70 years, Castle Court’s governance and leadership remains committed to our founders’ intention of providing all our pupils with a first-class, all round education firmly rooted in Christian principles.  These aspirations and values underpin all we do as we seek to encourage every member of the school community, whatever their faith or background, to strive for excellence.  We want our girls and boys to be considerate, good friends to each other and grow in confidence as they interact with the modern world. Above all, we want everyone to feel part of a warm and welcoming family in which we all care for one another.


As a school community, Castle Court aims:

  • To be family centred, with a strong pastoral care and a Christian foundation
  • To seek high academic standards with a broad curriculum
  • To be forward thinking in all that we do

Please watch the film below to find out more.