Learning Dev (inc SEND)

Learning Development at Castle Court is a department which strives for excellence in the ‘Able and Talented’ programme, EAL and Support for Learning.  We aim to be proactive and committed to individual support for any pupil, at any stage in their school career, by providing a personal learning plan.  All the staff, as well as specialist tutors,  are dedicated to ensuring that in all areas of school life, a long- or short-term need is met.

These needs may range from enrichment, language support, dyslexia, dyspraxia, to mild or moderate communication, emotional or behavioural needs.

We are an inclusive school that believes passionately in the best provision for every child, in order for them to achieve their potential. Within the classroom, the early stages of that provision may be the teacher putting in place booster group work or individual targets. If further support is required the school can then offer onsite specialist tutors and therapists for such areas as speech and language.

The Learning Development Co-ordinator and staff will also meet with parents to devise a programme that keeps parents fully informed and a target system is put in place to allow parents, child and staff all to be fully involved. We may, on occasions, recommend that an educational psychologist’s report is needed and arrange for this with the parents’ permission.

We review children frequently and this allows them to move  their programme of support to greatest effect.

We value the role and the partnership we have with parents in this support. It is central to the success of the department in allowing all Castle Court pupils to fulfil their potential. For this reason the school encourages any parent with an Able and Talented/ LD referral to contact the full time LD co-ordinator at any time, as well as at parents’ evenings