Design & Technology

Design and Technology (DT)  is an important and popular element in the Castle Court programme. Pupils have weekly lessons from Year 3 upwards in the DT centre – there are twilight clubs and holiday courses too. The scheme of work is grounded in the National Curriculum. Pupils will undergo a wide and interesting range of projects in order to maximise their experience of materials, equipment and skills.

There are several branches of DT, but the 5 most common ones are: resistant materials (wood, metal and plastic), electronics, textiles, food, and graphic communication. Here at Castle Court, we focus most on: resistant materialsgraphic communication and electronics. Pupils will undergo work in all three of these areas every year from Y5 upwards.  Computers are integral across the DT curriculum for graphic design and CAD/CAM.

The curriculum aims:

  • to promote enthusiasm for and to give an insight into DT by offering a broad and interesting range of activities.
  • to give each child the opportunity to learn skills and to experience the design and making of products from a range of materials.
  • to promote an awareness of the importance of new technologies and of manufacturing, engineering, and industrial skills.
  • to ensure that all children have an awareness of aesthetics and fitness-for-purpose in natural and man-made products
  • to encourage individual/lateral thinking and problem solving
  • to promote efficient use of resources and an awareness of sustainability

My personal aim for pupils at Castle Court is twofold. They should leave here with a good knowledge and understanding of DT that will serve them well at GCSE and possibly beyond. They should also leave here having developed some useful elementary life skills.