If you thought Classics was a whole lot of ‘amo, amas, amat’ and not a lot else, then think again.  At Castle Court we take pride in a progressive approach to the subject that not only stimulates the mind with rigorous grammatical accuracy, but also wallows in the lighter side of Roman and Greek life, luxuriating in the language (both Latin and Greek), meddling in the myths and hunting out humour in Ancient History.

From a Year 5 lesson on conversational Latin, a Year 6 lesson on Oedipus (yuck!) to a Year 8 lesson on Consecutive Clauses (when did you last knowingly use a subjunctive in English, anyway?), there’s something for everyone in a subject that’s full of surprises.  With Greek taster lessons joining the curriculum from September 2012, and successful weekly after-school opportunities to plunge into the depths of Greek already well established, this department seeks to expand the mind and bring the language and culture of the ancient world to life.