Spring Holiday Courses : 11th-14th April 2016

The courses are planned and the bookings are open!  The course will run from Monday 11th April to Thursday 14th April, and there are courses for the “Little Littles” (Aged 2 to 4), the “Little People” (Reception to Year 2) and the “big Kids” (Years 3 -8).  This holiday the “Big Kids” will be taking part in body zorbing, visiting a skate park, writing, producing and filming their own film and well as trampolining.  The younger children will be having a great time around school taking part in activities based around the theme “Springtime Fun”.  If you would like to find out more please email the school office (office@castlecourt.com) with your full postal address or look below.
28766 Castle Spring Courses 2016 PROOF2-2