I am now in a position to be able to let you know the outcome of the ISI Inspection from earlier this term. I am thrilled to be able to let you know that we are rated as “excellent” across all areas, this being the highest grading we could receive as a school. This is a great tribute to the hard work that we all put in to ensuring that our school is the best that it can be.

Some of the key findings from the inspectors that I would like to share with you now are:

 The (pupils) benefit from an excellent curriculum which is wide ranging, and is enhanced by an outstanding selection of exciting and adventurous extra-curricular opportunities.

 Pupils have excellent work habits, concentrating at length, settling to tasks without fuss and persevering with challenging activities. They are acquiring excellent skills for the future.

 Pupils’ thinking is consistently challenged, encouraging them to be active learners.

 A genuine sense of wonderment permeates throughout the school.

 The excellent relationships between pupils, parents and teachers is a significant strength of the school which has led to the pupils displaying confidence, pride and impeccable manners.

 Pupils are supervised with diligence, while also permitted the freedom to manage risks and explore their surroundings.

 The school’s caring ethos means that pupils trust staff and are ready to turn to them with any worries they may have.

 Parents value the school’s judgements, and respect and trust between home and school are evident.
I will leave the final words to our Year 8 pupils who encapsulated the experience on offer at Castle Court to the inspectors by saying the school represents . . . “opportunity”, “choice” and “friendly faces”. Over the next week we will be sending a a hard copy of the full report to all our current parents.  If you are not currently a member of the school but would like a copy please email .  In the meantime please read the ISI full report here – ISI INSPECTION REPORT 2015


Richard Stevenson, Headmaster