Canford music morning at Castle Court

Year 6 had the honour of Canford music staff plus a few senior pupils visiting them this morning for an hour of music and fun!  The year group were given the chance to try a number of different instruments, strings, brass, and wind and put together mini performances.  The James Bond theme played by the strings, after 20 minutes practice was very impressive!  Our Year 6 children were also able to listen to the Canford pupils play, so they could appreciate what ensemble pieces could sound like after a lot of hard work!

joint image

Ice cream all round!

Last week inspectors from the ISI spent four days at the school.  The children were very helpful during this time, and so as a thank you our Headmaster arranged for an ice cream van to visit.  So Thursday after lunch was a time for “ice cream for all!” Yummy!! And a beautiful afternoon in which to enjoy them as well….. perfect.