Short listed for Dorset Tennis School of the Year

We have just been told that Castle Court has been short listed by the Dorset LTA for Dorset Tennis School of the Year.  We thought we would share our submission with you so that you can read about all that the sports team have achieved  for tennis across the school since 2012:

“In 2012 the decision was taken to formalise the tennis provision at Castle Court School, to ensure that every child had the opportunity to reach their full tennis potential.  A scheme was  put in place to support the development of tennis coaching across the school, and links were forged with West Hants and Virgin Active tennis coaching teams to ensure the children had access to the most appropriate coaching at the right stages of their development.  All children (from ages 3 to 13) now have tennis coaching as part of their sports curriculum with an early morning tennis coaching scheme established at Virgin Active for children who want and are ready for a more focused tennis training routine; and a Tennis Academy has been formed for children who need a higher level of coaching and support.  The children in the Castle Court Tennis Academy are supported in a number of ways: they receive individual tennis coaching during school hours at the time that is most appropriate to them; the school arranges transport for them to attend squad coaching sessions at West Hants and they have access to a separate timetable and a tutor to ensure that they are able to keep on top of their academic studies.  The aim is that the children are able to reach their full tennis potential while still being able to be part of school life with children of their age. Their pastoral needs are as highly significant as their tennis and academic needs, and most importantly in their “down time” they are able to still be children. On top of this, where appropriate, scholarships are offered so that the children who would most benefit from this programme are able to access it.  In the two years since this programme was established, members of the tennis academy have won the boys’ ‘ U12 IAPS singles final twice, won  the boys doubles at the IAPS national finals, as well as appearing on the national and international tennis circuit.  However, these are the elite.  More importantly for the future of the squad, there is now before-school tennis coaching twice a week managed by the professional tennis coaching team at Virgin Active for children who are good tennis players but not yet ready to join the Academy. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that there is a development path for every child, but with the pastoral support that every child at Castle Court is able to access.”

Dorset Tennis School of the Year