Olympic Artwork wins National Competition

Raffy is celebrating this week after his work was awarded first prize in the Under 12 section of a national competition.

Raffy (aged 10) was among 60 members of Year 5, 6 and 7 who took part in a competition to design a poster advertising the Olympics, drawing attention to the classical roots of the Games.  Pupils took all sorts of different approaches, encorporating classical columns, silhouettes of famous Greek buildings and the famous discuss Greek thrower (‘Diskobolos’).  Some even made the most of their Classical Greek lessons and tried their hand at including Greek text in their posters in an attempt to help people to make the link between the Modern Games and the Ancient Olympics.

Raffy’s prize is to receive a congratulatory letter from the Mayor of London – Boris Johnson – who is himself an ardent fan of all things Classical, and a great figurehead for the teaching of Latin and Greek across the capital.  Raffy’s work will be on display at the Mayor’s Office in London over the summer.

The competition was organised by IRIS a national Classics group which seeks to promote the teaching of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation in schools across Britain.  A pupil from Year 6 at Castle Court previously won the junior section of their poetry competition based on the story of Jason and the Argonauts.  More information about IRIS is available from their website: http://irisproject.org.uk/index.php