National Poetry Competition Success

At the end of last term, members of Year 6 took part in a national classics poetry competition, organised by IRIS – a group that seeks to encourage the teaching of Latin and Greek in schools across the UK.   All in all, we entered 40 poems, ranging from short Limericks, to acrostics and longer, narrative attempts.  All of these were judged by a panel consisting of a poet, a professor of Latin from the University of London and a leading Classics blogger (yes, such people really do exist!).
We were delighted to learn that Marcus (Year 6) acrostic poem (see below) impressed the panel enough to be judged the winner in the Under 12 category – a superb achievement in a national competition!  The judges commented on his humorous approach and his willingness to engage with the story.  Congratulations to him and to all those who took part.

Jason Acrostic
Jason looking for shipmates
After the Golden Fleece
Son of a rightful king
One sandal
No chance of getting the fleece
Annoying harpies
Rocks clashing together
Got through the rocks
Only the stern splintered